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The Man Who Would Be Shane has come to town

It is finally here! The blogathon that is dedicated to that fine figure of a shane, Alan Ladd! Today would have been Alan’s 106th birthday, and I am so thrilled that I get to celebrate this wonderful day with all of you who are contributing posts or just supporting by reading those posts.


So saddle your trusty stead or put on your fedora and light a smoke, and watch the silver white strands twist in the air as we delve into the wonderful entries all about Alan!

Jonathan from Dubsism starts us off with that finest of westerns, Shane, and tells us why he thinks it isn’t so fine


Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews expands on a tag that I started, in the most fabulous fashion! 

Alan Ladd

Andrew from The Stop Button writes about Alan’s portrayal of Gatsby in The Great Gatsby

Hamlette’s Soliloquy writes about Alan’s heroism in OSS.

Jocelyn from Classic Film Observations and Obsessions writes about one of Alan’s most intense westerns, Branded

Paddy from Caftan Woman helps Alan keep his Appointment with Danger.

Eric from Diary of A Movie Maniac comes splashing in with Boy on a Dolphin.

VT writes a guest post on The Big Land (1957)

Virginia also publishes a guest post on The Man in the Net and 13 West Street

Movie Rob also ensures that Alan keeps his appointment

And then writes about another of Alan’s westerns, this time starring Olivia de Havilland

Horseback to Byzantium shares their five favourite Alan films with us

And Rob is back with his final write up on that classic Lake and Ladd noir

Le from Critica Retro shares her thoughts on one of Alan’s earlier roles

Hamlette is back with another film that features Alan’s bravery in the OSS, Captain Carey USA

Tiffany gives us a very interesting take on The Proud Rebel

And I pay tribute to this wonderful performer

Virginia shares her final guest post with us and talks about Alan and Deborah Kerr’s only pairing 

thunder 3

Paul from Silver Screen Classics writes about Alan’s breakout role.

I write about the value of forgiveness over pride in The Proud Rebel

And Tiffany makes a fashionably late entrance with writing about one of Alan’s costumes


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