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R.I.P: The end of the Gothic Horror Blogathon

And so the end has come for the Gothic Horror Blogathon as all of the spooks and spirits return to their places of rest for another year. The Blogathon was a wonderful success, which would not have been possible without the lovely bloggers who contributed such wonderful posts! I will be reading those that I have not yet had the pleasure of doing so, and I cannot wait!

You can read all of the posts here, and I very much encourage you to do so because we have everything from Poe to Price and Dracula to Jane Austen. An absolute varied treat indeed!

I may resurrect (hee hee) this Blogathon in the future, but I’ll have to look into my crystal ball, otherwise known as the comments section of this post, to know your thoughts on that proposal.

In the meantime, I hope you all had a thrilling Halloween! Now it’s time to return to the crypt under my castle because the sun is rising. Farewell!


7 thoughts on “R.I.P: The end of the Gothic Horror Blogathon”

  1. The blogathon was a lot of fun! I’m enjoying looking over the posts, and I appreciate you letting me join in! I think there’s a lot more Gothic terror and dread left to explore! You should do another in the future!

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