Please welcome Mr Pacino: The All About Al Pacino Blogathon has arrived!

The event dedicated to one of my favourite actors has finally arrived! I am absolutely thrilled that a few lovely bloggers have chosen to join me to celebrate Al Pacino excellent career.

First up we have Maddy, who talks about one or Al’s most heartfelt films, Frankie and Johnny.

Then Quiggy talks about one of the best films of Al’s career, The Godfather Part II.

Then Erica writes about a film that continues to divide opinions, Cruising.

Darren shares his thoughts on some of Al’s best performances.

Gill writes about Al’s brief but memorable cameo in Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood

I write about what I think are Al’s Five Essential Performances.

Vin shares his thoughts on the powerhouse pairing of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in Heat.

Stay tuned for more entries about our prince of the silver screen!


2 thoughts on “Please welcome Mr Pacino: The All About Al Pacino Blogathon has arrived!”

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