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The Suave Swordsman has arrived!

I am thrilled to say that The Suave Swordsman: Basil Rathbone Blogathon has finally arrived! I am so excited to share this event with all of you and the wonderful bloggers (of which there are happily many) who have generously donated their swashbuckling time to writing entries!

First up is Maddy, who shares her thoughts on Basil and why he is one of her favourite classic film stars.

Then 18 Cinema Lane helps us solve a mystery with The Great Mouse Detective, which is a homage to Basil’s famous portrayal of Sherlock Holmes.

Paddy writes about Basil playing the utterly unvenial Richard III in The Tower of London.

Charity writes about another imposing turn of Basil’s, this time in Anna Karenina.

Lê and Basil take us on an adventure!

Rob joins us with a child friendly, Walt Disney entry.

Charity joins us once again with her second final entry, this time about Basil in an epic about Pompeii.

Rob joins us again with his final contribution, this time with one of Basil’s later films.

I write about one of Basil’s lesser known melodramas, in which he has some parmesan with his accent.

A wonderfully in-depth article on The Garden of Allah from Sister Celluloid shows us yet another side of Basil’s onscreen talents.

Hypnosis and murder are explored in my post about The Woman In Green.

Hamlette’s Soliloquy swoops in and tells us their thoughts about The Mark of Zorro.

Rebecca also shares her thoughts on Basil’s performance opposite Garbo in Anna Karenina.

Coffee, Classics and Craziness mounts her bow and arrow and dips her goose feather quill, and writes about Basil in one his most famous roles.

Tiffany from Pure Entertainment Preservation Society comes one step closer to her very impressive long term goal, of having watched every code film ever made, with The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Dubsism finds yet another fascinating comparison between classic film and sports!

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