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The Queen of Sass: Barbara Stanwyck Blogathon has arrived!

Hooray! The day for our wonderful Queen of the Silver Screen and Sass, Barbara Stanwyck, to be celebrated, has arrived! So without further ado, let’s get into the lovely entries from our awesome participants!

First up we have Kevin, who writes about Stany and Capra’s work together.

Then Lê writes about Barbara’s performance in one of Capra’s films, The Miracle Woman, in which she plays the charismatic leader of a church.

Rich then goes on to tell us about another dramatic turn by Stany, this time opposite Clifton Webb in Titanic.

Paddy then writes about a wonderful episode of Barbara’s TV show, which was directed by Jacques Tourneur and also starred Dan Duryea and Joan Blondell.

Gill tells us all about Stany’s guest appearance in Charlie’s Angels as Charlie’s female counterpart.

Barbara’s powerhouse performance in The Thorn Birds is explored by Charity.

Patricia introduces us to an earlier performance of Barbara’s in Shopworn.

Then Sally talks about Barbara’s turn opposite Errol Flynn in the psychological thriller, Cry Wolf.

Silver Screenings introduces us to Barbara and Gary Cooper in Meet John Doe.

Kayla delves into the nitty gritty of Barbara’s racy women’s prison pre code, Ladies They Talk About.

I write about Barbara’s performance opposite Ralph Meeker and Barry Sullivan in a lesser known film noir, Jeopardy.

Neil gives his thoughts on Barbara’s performance alongside Fred MacMurray in Remember the Night.

Charity writes about Barbara’s famous and infamous pre-code, Baby Face, for her second and final contribution to the Blogathon.

Dubsism uses his usual wit to find a hidden sports analogy, this time in Forty Guns.

Tiffany first writes about Barbara’s award winning turn in Stella Dallas and then her lesser known performance in B.F’s Daughter.

Rebecca shares her thoughts on Barbara’s charmingly cunning ways in The Lady Eve.

Then Hamlette’s Soliloquy creates a spark with Barbara’s turn in Ball of Fire.

Michaela also writes about Sugarpuss and her worldly ways.


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