You Knew My Name: The Bond Not Bond Blogathon has arrived!

The day has finally arrived! We are very excited to share all of the wonderful posts dedicated to the six wonderful Bond actors from Connery to Craig.

So without further ado!

First up is my post, in which I discuss Timothy Dalton’s performance in the 1985 made for TV movie Florence Nightingale.

Next is my lovely co-host, Gill’s post also on Timothy Dalton, this time in the comedy, The Beautician and the Beast.

Then The Oak Drive-In shares their thoughts on Connery’s Bond successor, George Lazenby, in Who Saw Her Die?

Gill also writes about Lazenby, in a film costarring Full House star, John Stamos, Never Too Young To Die.

Make Mine Film Noir writes about Daniel Craig’s murderous turn in Road to Perdition.

Then Alice talks about her favourite episode of Brosnan’s popular TV series, Remington Steele.

Film Authority gives us our first Roger Moore centred contribution with their thoughts on the thriller, The Naked Face.

Timothy Dalton’s portrayal of Mr Rochester in the 1983 BBC miniseries adaptation of Jane Eyre, is explored in my second contribution.

Waywardbiro gives us another deep dive into Remington Steele, because we can’t get enough of a good thing!

Book Steve’s Library is next with a review of Lazenby in the very interestingly named The Man From Hong-Kong.

John Rieber brings Brosnan back for The Matador.

Rebecca also writes about a Pierce Brosnan vehicle, this time costarring Emma Thompson, in The Love Punch.

Roger Moore trades in his tux for a typewriter in Films From Beyond’s review of The Man Who Wouldn’t Die.


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