The Captain(s) of My Heart

My co-host for You Knew My Name: The Bond Not Bond Blogathon, the lovely Gill, nominated me for the Pick A Movie Tag. She invited me to write about my top five “hotties” wink, wink, and because I have a charitable heart and am not at all a person who enjoys talking about how handsome she thinks certain actors are (coughs) I graciously accepted.

Here are the rules of the tag as copied from Gill’s post:

  • Nominate one or more people to review the film or films of your choice. Or you can request they review something from a certain year, genre, or star. Everyone can review the same thing, or you can request each person cover something different. As long as it’s something they haven’t written about yet, you’re good.
  • Nominees are allowed to request a different pick for whatever reason no more than five times. Stuff happens. We all know it.
  • Nominees must thank the person who nominated them and provide a link their blog.
  • Nominees may nominate others to keep the tag going. Picking the person who nominated them is allowed, or they can nominate someone else. Maybe both.
  • All participants need to include these rules in their post, whether they’re nominees or picking nominees.
  • All participants should use the “Pick My Movie” banner or something similar in their posts.
  • Have fun!

So here are my top five “hotties”:

  1. Timothy Dalton: Not only only is Tim incredibly talented, with a career that ranges from James Bond to Romeo and a fictional dictator in love with Fran Drescher! He is also incredibly good looking in a very unusual way, and has only become better with age.
  2. Maxwell Caulfield: I discovered Maxwell fairly recently when I rewatched Grease 2, a film which I had absolutely no recollection of and which has become one of my favourite guilty pleasures. Maxwell, like Tim, is multi-talented, with a long career in film, television and on stage. He is also extremely good looking. I mean, some of his publicity photos should be age restricted. Just saying.
  3. Alan Ladd: People often expound a nauseating amount of time and energy going on about how short Alan was, instead of focusing on what a talented and influential actor he was. So what if he wasn’t six foot? Show me someone who could give Bogie and Robert Mitchum a run for their money in the fedora department as well as Alan could.
  4. Sean Connery: The man is an icon for a reason. Walks like a panther? Tick. Had dark brown, liquid pools for eyes? Tick! Was the first James Bond? Ticks enthusiastically! Like Timothy Dalton, Sean Connery somehow managed to become better looking as he grew older. The salt and better look was *chef’s kiss*.
  5. Aidan Turner: For my money, Turner is the logical choice to take up the James Bond mantle after Daniel Craig. He is a very talented actor, starring in the hit period drama TV series, Poldark, for several years. He is also incredibly handsome, and can we please have another scene of Bond walking out of the sea? Because Aidan totally has the credentials!

Thanks to Gill for the fun tag. Please visit her very varied and enjoyable blog here.

I am tagging the following bloggers, who I hope will take part:

Caftan Woman: Her Five Favourite Classic TV series

Silver Screen Classics: His Five Favourite Historical films

Realweegiemidget Reviews: Her favourite episode of The Colbys

Fletchtalks: His Top 5 James Bond pre-title sequences

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13 thoughts on “The Captain(s) of My Heart”

  1. Thanks for these wonderful photos and descriptions in equal measures… in this balanced post and some wonderful descriptions, like to think that somewhere Maxwell and the rest of those mentioned is blushing… and just one thing, who are you tagging and with what… if I’ve just missed reading it after getting dreamily lost in your descriptions let me know…

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  2. I vividly remember the controversy surrounding Maxwell Caulfield’s marriage to much older Juliet Mills (funny, no one complains when it is the other way around). 40 years later, they are still together! A true love story! 🙂

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