A Thank You To Our Bond, Not Bond Bloggers

Gill and I have been positively overwhelmed and thrilled at the positive response that this Blogathon has received. We are so grateful that so many wonderful bloggers decided to participate and write such well crafted reviews and articles.

Thank you so much to everyone who has participated with blogs about the films the six Bond actors made outside of their time as the famous secret agent.

As previously mentioned by both myself and my co-host, we will be holding this Blogathon again next year, as we’ve decided to make it an annual event. We hope to see everyone who participated this year return next year and any new participants/ contributors are most welcome!

To view Day 1’s contributions click here. For Day 2’s contributions click here. And for Day 3, the final day’s contributions, click here.

A happy and safe festive season to everyone! May it be merry and bright!


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