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The Second Disaster Blogathon has arrived!

Strap in my pretties, because after weeks of checking your warning system, battening down the hatches, and building up your supply of plum preserve and peaches in syrup, the Second Disaster Blogathon has whirled into— erm— town…?

So without further ado, get into your cellar and light your paraffin lamps as the Blogathon posts rush in!

First up we have Gill’s review of the OTT volcano centred, Paul Newman disaster romp.

Then John V rocks us to the core with his review of the Hilary Swank disaster vehicle.

Films From Beyond the Sound Barrier discusses the evocatively titled, The Day the Earth Caught Fire.

The Last Days of Pompeii is explored by The Stop Button.

I write about the disaster movie milestone that is Airport.

Silver Screenings floods our screens with her review of RKO’s pre-code disaster film, Deluge.

The explosive potential of Juggernaut is explored by Diary of a Movie Maniac.

A nuclear Holocaust with a star studded cast is discussed by Whimsically Classic.

Debbie from the Moon in Gemini pilots her way into the Blogathon with Into the Night.

I write about what is considered the most historically accurate Titanic film, A Night To Remember.

The intense pressure and frenzied desperation of a nuclear attack is explored by An Ageing Broad with a Scrapbook.

Things get very heated in 18 Cinema lane’s review of Point of Origin.

Barry writes about animals turning on humans with disastrous results!

Last but not least, Jimi whirls into town with his review of Twister.

10 thoughts on “The Second Disaster Blogathon has arrived!”

  1. Hi Gabriela, I’m so sorry to say I will have to withdraw from your blogathon. Unfortunately I’ve hit an unexpectedly busy patch these past few weeks. I apologize for being unable to contribute. I hope you’re doing well. I look forward to checking out these posts.

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