Alan Ladd, Lake and Ladd

Smooth Talker: Alan Ladd in Film Noir

Alan Ladd had his start in film noir at the age of twenty nine, when he starred as the contract killer, Raven, who had been made rather than born a killer, inĀ This Gun For HireĀ (1942). Although he was not the lead nor Veronica Lake's romantic interest in the story, the film would catapult him to… Continue reading Smooth Talker: Alan Ladd in Film Noir

Lake and Ladd, Noir Or Never

Seduction in Saigon

Saigon has the signature sexual tension that always bloomed between Lake and Ladd, with several scenes where they seem about to consummate their attraction, but then explode into antagonistic barbs or Ladd storms out of the room in his trademark manner.