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Introducing Acting Royalty: The Fifth Annual Trilogy Barrymore Blogathon has cometh!

I am absolutely thrilled that the day my lovely co-host, Crystal, and I have been waiting for, has arrived! For the next two days we will be celebrating one of the greatest acting trios and most famous siblings to ever grace the sawdust stage and silver screen!

So without further ado (yes, John, that includes you, please wait for your turn, sir) let’s begin!

Gill from Realweemidget Reviews starts with The Paradine Case, which stars Ethel along with Gregory Peck and Louis Jourdan in a web of murder and love! Who could ask for anything more?

I follow with a tribute to one of the Kings of My Heart, Mr John Barrymore

Love Letters To Old Hollywood takes us through the winding shadows of The Spiral Staircase. 


 Thanks to Paddy from Caftan Woman, Lionel finally makes an entrance, as she writes about the very fascinatingly named On Borrowed Time

Erica from Poppity Talks Classic Film writes about Lionel being involved (quite fittingly) in A Family Affair

Lê from Crítica Retrô writes about the fascinatingly titled The Broken Lullaby (1932)

Lionel, Edward Arnold and Thoughts From The Musical Man tell us all that You Can’t Take It With You (1938)

Andrew from The Stop Button writes about the classic pairing of Lombard and John in Twentieth Century.

Rebecca from Taking Up Room discusses Lionel’s appearance in MGM’s prestige adaptation of David Copperfield.

Movies Meet Their Match writes about Ethel and midnight kisses

Stars and Letters writes about John’s extensive correspondence

Be sure not to be a bore and check back for more Barrymore goodness!