The Big Remake

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I will be taking part in The Remake of the “They Remade What?!” Blogathon hosted by Phyllis Loves Classic Movies. So please watch this space!


Appointment in Venice

Spoilers ahead, so unless you want to reveal the labyrinth of Venice to yourself, catch a gondola out of this particular piazza.


Don’t Look Now is based on the short story by Daphne du Maurier, which features in the collection entitled Not After Midnight. It has du Maurier’s signature withholding of the significance of essential details until the denouement, which is both brilliant and extremely upsetting. It is also a prime example of her mastery of exploring the psychological motivations of the characters, and constructing a narrative that is not so much about the “external” happenings of the story, but about how the characters perceive these events, and how they try to decode these events. du Maurier was happy with the adaptation, saying that she felt that the director, Nicolas Roeg, who also adapted Roald Dahl’s The Witches, “understood the essence of John and Laura’s relationship”.

Nicolas Roeg and Donald Sutherland on the set of Don’t Look Now

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The James Mason Blogathon: The Highwayman with A Heart

Celebrating one of the greatest actors of this or any other era


The not entirely wicked history of “The Wicked Lady”


Mason meets his match!

The 1945 Gainsborough Studio production, The Wicked Lady, is based on the novel The Life and Death of the Wicked Lady Skelton by British author Magdalene King-Hall, who in turn based her novel on the supposed real life and highway escapades of Lady Katherine Ferrers, the wife of a major landowner in 17th century England. The film was purportedly a massive hit at the 1946 box office, grossing over £2 million. It was remade by infamous food critic turned director, Michael Winner, in 1983, but it was critically panned and a box office bomb.

Faye Dunaway played Lady Skelton in the 1983 remake.

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