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Come back, Shane!

Sadly, we must now bid farewell to the Alan Ladd Blogathon. Although there may still be some contributions coming in, including one of my own. Trust me to be slightly late for my own Blogathon. But I’m sure Alan wouldn’t mind too much.

I would like to thank those who wrote such wonderful pieces in honour of Alan for this event. You all filled me with such joy to see the love that exists for Alan and his work, which I know he would have been so happy about, as his fans were so important to him.

And I would like to thank those who took the time to read the contributions, as this is why we hold Blogathons, in order to share our love for classic film.

Please read all of the entries here.

And you never know, maybe Alan/Shane will eventually come back in another Blogathon dedicated to him.

5 thoughts on “Come back, Shane!”

  1. Dear Gabriela,

    This was a great blogathon! On Wednesday, I suddenly realized that I had signed up to write about one of Alan Ladd’s fashions. At the time, I had forgotten that I previously signed up to write about a Victorian film fashion for the Costume Drama Blogathon. I published that article yesterday as my Film Fashion Friday article for this week. However, I would still like to write about one of Alan’s costumes. If I make him the topic of next week’s Film Fashion Friday article, will you accept that article as a late entry in this blogathon! I would love for the celebration to continue!

    Yours Hopefully,

    Tiffany Brannan

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  2. Thank you so much. Since a child I haden’t sern so nany pictures and information oon Alan Ladd. In those dats we used to cut out photos from magazines and stic them on used note pads, this blog has been so enjoyable. Like going to a very happy time of my life


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