The final day of You Knew My Name: The Bond Not Bond Blogathon!

And so the final day of our Blogathon has arrived! But do not despair, as my lovely co-host has said, we’ve decided to make this an annual event!

Please go here for Day 1’s contributions and here for the Day 2 contributions.

Hamlette’s Soliloquy writes about the art heist caper that is The Thomas Crown Affair.

Sean Connery returns from the crusades to a very different England and Audrey Hepburn in Critica Retrô’s review of Robin and Marian.

The Classic Movie Muse writes about another Connery vehicle, this time in the Hitchcockian Woman of Straw.

Flash, ah! Diary of a Movie Maniac takes us to outer space with the Saviour of the Universe, Flash Gordon.

In my last contribution for this Blogathon, I write about the time James Bond Timothy Dalton guest starred on Charlie’s Angels as a jewel thief!

Hamlette’s Soliloquy is back with the WWII Daniel Craig vehicle, Defiance.

Dalton is back and deliciously bad in Jimi’s article on the criminally underrated, The Rocketeer.

There’s more of Moore with The Craggus’ article on The Man Who Haunted Himself.

Caftan Woman reviews an episode of the Roger Moore starring, stone-cold classic television series, The Persuaders.

The Craggus is back, this time with Sean Connery’s performance in the hot spy thriller set during The Cold War, The Hunt For Red October.

Dubsism is back with another of his inspired posts exploring hidden sports analogies in films, this time he unlocks the sports orientated secrets of the Moore starring film, The Wild Geese.

Sean Connery blazes in whilst wearing a red mankini and a luscious plait in Diary of A Movie Maniac’s post on Zardoz.

Roger Moore plays the ultimate sleuth in 18 Cinema Lane’s article on Sherlock Holmes In New York.

Thoughts All Sorts quite fittingly shares her thoughts on the unusual drama The Mother, starring Daniel Craig.

Ticklish Business writes about the time Sean Connery was in a Disney movie, with Darby O’ Gill and the Little People.


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