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The Last Romanov: Anastasia (1956)

The story of Anastasia, the supposed last living member of the Russian royal family, is famous the world over. The hope that one last symbol of pre-Communist Russia exists/existed, is one that has lived on in the collective imagination for a long time. Twentieth Century Fox made the film twice, once in 1956 and again… Continue reading The Last Romanov: Anastasia (1956)

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A Penchant for the Master: Angela Lansbury in Gaslight

When I first watched Gaslight (1944), I was blown away by the standard of the performances overall. It is still my favourite Charles Boyer role, and I think that Ingrid Bergman really shows her capacity for exhaustive emotional depth in her portrayal of the beleaguered woman, desperate to not succumb to insanity. But I think that Angela… Continue reading A Penchant for the Master: Angela Lansbury in Gaslight


Hitchcock’s Blondes: A Director’s Ideal

Cool, calm, sophisticated, icy and untouchable. That is what a Hitchcock blonde is supposed to be. She is supposed to a woman whose icy locks are never out of place. Her blue eyes are clear, appraising. Always sizing her leading man up. But she is also the symbol of sexual repression. According to Hitchcock, "We're after… Continue reading Hitchcock’s Blondes: A Director’s Ideal