The Charismatic Christopher Plummer Blogathon has arrived!

From the amount of participants that we have for this Blogathon, it is very clear that the late, great Christopher Plummer may be gone, but not forgotten. We have a variety of films that have been and will be covered this weekend. So without further chatter from me, let us get right to the entries.

First up we have the lovely Maddy, sharing her three favourite Christopher Plummer performances.

Then Silver Screenings explores Plummer’s career during the 1970s, with his performance in International Velvet.

My wonderful cohost, Gill, gets out the cutlery, and dissects Knives Out.

Films From Beyond the Time Barrier reminds us of the obscure TV movie, Prototype, and Plummer’s seemingly endless adaptability as an actor.

Chris from Angelman’s Place explores the rather bewildering Inside Daisy Clover, with Plummer’s stand out performance as “The Prince of Darkness”.

The Stop Button explains what struck him most about Plummer’s 1958 outing with Sidney Lumet.

Rebecca from Taking Up Room shows that Christopher Plummer, a barbecue, a family living room and Shakespeare, are a magical combination.

Crítica Retrô discusses Plummer’s rather shapely chest and his performance in the classic tragedy, Oedipus the King.

Film on the Box returns with the epic Waterloo (1970), starring Christopher Plummer as the Duke of Wellington and Rod Steiger as his arch rival, Napoleon.

Plummer’s performance as the tragic Danish Prince is discussed by Hamlette’s Soliloquy.

A very memorable cameo by Christopher Plummer in The Disappearance is discussed by Diary of A Movie Maniac.

The supernatural werewolf vehicle, Wolf, and Plummer’s role, is captured pictorially by Pfeiffer Films and Meg Movies

Sherlock Holmes’ investigation of the Whitechapel murders in discussed by me, with Christopher Plummer giving an inspired performance as the sleuth.

The circus has come to town in 18 Cinemalane’s review.

Diary of a Movie Maniac talks scandal, power and celebrity in Little Gloria… Happy at Last.


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