Announcing the Joan Crawford: Queen of the Silver Screen Blogathon

Joan Crawford is one of the most famous and identifiable faces of the classic film era. It’s difficult to gauge the extent of her impact on popular culture because it has been so wide and varied. Along with her supposed rival Bette Davis, and her friend Barbara Stanwyck, she has become synonymous with strong, often ambitious women in film. Women who went out and got what they wanted, and hardly, if ever, apologised for this ambition. Her career spanned six decades: from the gentle waved haired beauty of the silent screen, to the champion of the “shop girl” in the 1930s, to the symbol of the powerful, ambitious, and vulnerable, woman of the postwar era, most memorably through her role as Mildred Pierce, and finally to the “scream queen” of the 1960s. Very few actors and actresses of Joan’s or any era have or will enjoy the long, varied, and very successful career that she maintained.




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A Mother’s Memory

Born in 1889, Marjorie Burnet Rambeau started her stage career at the age of twelve. Before that, she had performed in saloons, singing, dancing and playing the banjo, whilst dressed as a boy. Her mother made her cross dress in order to avoid the avarice advances of men in Nome, Alaska, which at that time was relatively wild and lawless.

Marjorie was not formally trained to be a stage actress, but gained experience through her travels as a performer across America. She made her Broadway debut at the age of twenty four, in a play called Kick In.


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Carrying a Torch for Joan


Spoilers ahead! So if you haven’t watched the movie, please do so before reading this post.

Joan Crawford was forty seven years old when she starred in Torch Song, a film which, according to Dr Megan McGurk of Sass Mouth Dames Podcast, marked her return to MGM after a decade. And what a return it was. The DVD cover for the copy of Torch Song that I own reads “Joan Crawford…shows she has the moves and gams to play Jenny”. Continue reading Carrying a Torch for Joan