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Don’t Come Back: O.S.S. (1946)

O.S.SĀ is a war film of a different sort, as it tells the story of both civilians and those on the front lines, but not through the story of uniformed soldiers or by focusing on families back home. It explores the agency that was the predecessor to the know famous (and sometimes infamous) CIA. The Office… Continue reading Don’t Come Back: O.S.S. (1946)

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This Too Shall Pass: Mrs Miniver (1942)

Mrs MiniverĀ (1942) was one of the many films my grandmother took my mother and her brother to see when they were children. In those days, little independent theatres still showed classic films regularly. I wonder how my grandmother felt watching the film in that little darkened cinema, her two small children beside her. She had… Continue reading This Too Shall Pass: Mrs Miniver (1942)