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The Princess Bride: As We Wish It

The Princess Bride is a film like few others. It combines fantasy, humour, romance and drama seamlessly. William Goldman’s script sings from start to finish, and Rob Reiner’s direction realises this wonderful yarn with golden clarity.  It tells the story of two lovers, Westley and Buttercup (played by Cary Elwes and Robin Wright), who face… Continue reading The Princess Bride: As We Wish It

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Finn…or will she come back?

And so The Calls of Cornwall: Daphne du Maurier Blogathon has come to an end. I would like to thank all of the bloggers who contributed. I cannot WAIT to go through everyone's posts and read all about du Maurier and her works. I would also like to ask the bloggers who participated, or bloggers… Continue reading Finn…or will she come back?

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The Loveliness of Laird: Discovering the Films of Laird Cregar

Laird Cregar has been on the periphery for me for a good while, but for some reason, I just never actively sought out his films. This was despite my admiration for his portrayal of the sleazy, cowardly, mint popping secondary villain in This Gun For Hire, which was his second film with my absolute favourite actor, Alan… Continue reading The Loveliness of Laird: Discovering the Films of Laird Cregar

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A New Adventure

"I have the face of an ageing choirboy and the build of an undernourished featherweight. If you can figure out my success on the screen you're a better man than I." --Alan Ladd And that was the thing about Alan, despite being a leading man, a sex symbol and star of big money making films,… Continue reading A New Adventure

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My Top 15 Classic Film Discoveries for 2018

I'd like to preface this by saying that although I've been a classic film fan since I was a small child, I've only been active in the classic film Twitter community since the end of last year, and I only started my blog this year. So I still have many films to discover. And while… Continue reading My Top 15 Classic Film Discoveries for 2018


Lily in the Sun: Grace Kelly in Mogambo

Mogambo (1953) is a remake of the pre-code classic Red Dust 1932), and was originally supposed to be set in French Indochina as it's predecessor had been. But by the early 1950s, French control of the region had begun to disintegrate and the film's producers decided to set the film in another "exotic" location, this time choosing British… Continue reading Lily in the Sun: Grace Kelly in Mogambo