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Finn…or will she come back?

And so The Calls of Cornwall: Daphne du Maurier Blogathon has come to an end. I would like to thank all of the bloggers who contributed. I cannot WAIT to go through everyone's posts and read all about du Maurier and her works. I would also like to ask the bloggers who participated, or bloggers… Continue reading Finn…or will she come back?

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Walking through the looking glass: Bette Davis in ‘A Stolen Life’ and ‘Dead Ringer’

Watching a film where Bette Davis plays the female lead is really something. From Now Voyager to Jezebel, Bette never put a foot wrong. But seeing her play both female leads. Well that's really something. And she did it twice, almost twenty years apart, in A Stolen Life and Dead Ringer, in which she played identical twin sisters. And while both of these… Continue reading Walking through the looking glass: Bette Davis in ‘A Stolen Life’ and ‘Dead Ringer’

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The Doctor and the Demon: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1920)

This post does discuss some sensitive subjects that may be potentially triggering. So please read on at your own risk of maybe unleashing an evil alter ego. Ya just never know.  Robert Louis Stevenson's 1886 novel has become one of the most famous novels of the English literary canon. It has been adapted numerous times… Continue reading The Doctor and the Demon: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1920)

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A Different Portrayal of the Ultimate Betrayal

Double Indemnity (1944) starring Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray as Phyllis Dietrichsen and Walter Neff respectively, is considered a landmark film noir, and one of the best films to ever be made in the genre. It tells the age old tale of money and sexual control, expertly exploring the seedier side of both. While modern audiences will… Continue reading A Different Portrayal of the Ultimate Betrayal

Noir Or Never

Drink Your Milk, Darling.

Based on the play of the the same name written by Marguerite Vale Veiller, whose nom de plume was Martin Vale, The Two Mrs Carrolls was shot in 1945, but only released in 1947, when Humphrey Bogart was a firm box office draw after such films as The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca and The Big Sleep. However, not even Bogart and… Continue reading Drink Your Milk, Darling.